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 March 23th, 2014

Hi there, may I welcome you on our website in a new jacket.  Today it’s exactly 10 years ago that we have registered  as our domain. After all Barcodethose years without any changes of the interface, it was time to give it a little change. And here it is, in a simple WordPress Theme. I hope you like it. It’s basic, but clean and easy in use.

As you can expect from us, we still have the ‘Available’ page with all your animals we have to offer at the moment.  Instead of different pages to the species we sell, I used the option of a gallery. So you can check out easly all the animals by a picture.

Over the years we have limited our breedingcollection to a pretty little number. In the past we had sometimes more then 400 animals in our collection, Nowadays we have somewhere around 100 animals. But we still love to breed and to nurse them.

Enjoy the site and don’t hesitate to contact us.

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